What is the Morning Banana Diet Journal?

MorningBanana.com is the headquarters of the Morning Banana Diet--Western edition. Our members have been discussing how to adapt the Japanese banana diet to Western foods and customs in the forums on this Web site since July of 2008, and participation on the site ramped up in October 2008 when Time Magazine and other major Western media outlets reported on Japan's banana shortage, caused by the popularity of the banana diet there.

Members of our forums have been attempting to document, track, and discuss their individual diets using a blogging feature available in the forum software. However, that feature was less than perfect for the purpose, and so we have been developing a diet journal system that is customized for the Morning Banana Diet. You can record your meals as the Morning Banana Diet suggests, including your banana breakfast. You can record your bedtime and the journal will keep a record of whether you are following the rules about your evening meal and bedtime. And so on. We intend this system to be specific to the Morning Banana Diet's requirements.

Support is also important for success on the Morning Banana Diet, so you can keep up with the ups and downs of your fellow banana dieters, make comments on their pages, and hook up with selected members as diet buddies.

How to Join

At this point the Morning Banana Diet Journals are only open to founding members from our forums. We want to work the kinks out of the system before opening it to the general public. Our founding members know the diet's rules already and many have been keeping "banana blogs" in the forum, so their experience is invaluable in putting the Morning Banana Diet Journal through its shakedown period.

If you would like to be contacted when the Morning Banana Diet Journal opens to new members, let us know at info@morningbananasplit.com (remove the "split").